sdorg 01 (released 11/2011)

Lu Katavist "retoxis" full length LP black vinyl limited edition 300 copies



sdorg 03 (released 12/2013)

Hex Operator (s/t) full length LP white vinyl limited edition 100 copies


discogs records is a DIY record label, predominantly for vinyl releases.Our interest, at the moment, lies in electronic and/or acoustic music with an emphasis on, or containing elements of the aural aesthetics associated with the word "drone".

Cologne-based lu katavist was expanding the borders of experimental drum 'n' bass in the nineties under the elfish echo moniker (source records, km20), but here he's focussing on improvised live-electronics. his lp "retoxis" ranges from tonal drones to twitchy noise bursts, with sounds drifting between ethereal pads, piercing distortion, chirping delay and rumbling bass, but overall it makes for a calm, if not meditative listening experience with enough air to breathe. strictly avoiding computers, post editing and overdubs, this hand played analog/digital electronic music strives for the magic of the moment.
"retoxis" is available, among others, through the following sources:

staalplaat / a-musik / clear spot / auf abwegen

or through bandcamp or here:

Self-titled debut LP from Cologne-based project Hex Operator. File under: Rhythm'n'Drone. Evocative, intense, complex soundscapes, fittingly accompanied by artwork hinting at psychedelic influences. This record offers six hypnotic drone studies, based on electronics (plus a little bit of guitar), some with rhythmic elements. Dense sound-sculptures alongside more open arrangements are luring the listener into untethered flights through lucid and dark aural realms, esthetically based on modern modular synthesis as well as the heritage of an industrial past. Limited edition of 100 copies in white 180g vinyl records with two cover options:
70 copies with regular printed full color cover and insert, plus 30 copies with generic black sleeve (individually numbered), including the same insert plus additional A3 poster.
available from: a-musik

or here: bandcamp

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